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Youth Education

HFYU runs a small day school for children, providing free education to over 250 children (ages 4 to 16). The parents and guardians (mostly grandmothers) of these students are too poor to pay for their children’s meals and academic materials which are required at government aided schools under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) program. Therefore, this intervention seeks to help those children whose parents cannot afford the basic requirements at UPE schools. We provide the children with a simple meal every day from our home grown gardens of maize, beans, sweet potatoes and fruits.

Youth Development

This program is a leadership-training initiative for young people between the ages of 16 and 21 that focuses on development. Young people are accepted into the Development School for Youth (DSY) on the basis of their desire to gain leadership experience. The program looks for community partners with corporate professionals to provide training experiences and internship placement for DSY graduates.


Girls and Women

“You matter” is a girls’ program that reaches out to girls and young mothers from a variety of backgrounds, focused on changing their lives for the better. The program brings together teens school girls and community young mothers to create a forum for participation and expression of their opinions through discussion processes that provide them with important learning experiences and the opportunity to join in activities to engage their bodies, talents and spiritual minds so as to be productive community members.


Community Outreach

This program is part of a grassroots education campaign. We reach out to mothers, grandmothers/guardians regularly to promote our school practices into the households where the children reside. These include drinking sanitized water, hand washing with soap, nutritious eating and general basic care for our students. Through a partnership with Vitamin Angels (USA), we oversee the provision of vitamins and other enrichment to children under 5 years of age and pregnant mothers.


Healthy Living

Lack of clean water is a major problem in our communities. Most water wells are a long distance from homesteads and are not safe for direct human consumption. Through generous contributions, HFYU was able to facilitate the construction of a 5,000 liter water harvesting tank that currently serves the school and the surrounding community. However, there remains a dire need to help other communities far from our school by clearing bush to access other clean water sources.


HFYU has the desire and determination to become a self-reliant organization. To this end, we have embarked on a humble poultry project for feeding children and raising a self-sustaining income that will cover administration costs. Additionally, we wish to expand the pre-existing small-scale food crops and fruit farm, which serve to feed the students and school staff.